AUX Gold Prepaid Card

The AUX Gold is the world’s first true premier gold card, it allows customers to use its purchasing power to buy whatever they like, just as they would with any other prepaid card.
The AUX Gold Gold Account can be used at any time to fund the cards. This will accommodate a broad range of users. From regular consumers, to travellers and savers that want to build up reserves for but have easy access to it if needed.
The procedure for customers independently of the type of card is always the same.

  1. Register via the JOIN tab on the AUX website.
  2. After the KYC information has been verified, A card is issued to the customer once an initial deposit is received
  3. The user can then use the card to purchase products once it has been activated and loaded.
The AUX Gold is unique, in that gold can be sold at any time to load the card. (subject to International scheme limits).

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