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Frequently asked Questions/FAQs:


AUX Gold card accommodates a broad range of users from regular consumers to travellers and savers that want to build up reserves for but have easy access to if needed.

This allows the AUX gold card users to purchase goods and services wherever the card is accepted.

As a lot of countries use currencies backed by the paperback systems.
These currencies are partly defaulting around the world what better place to store your wealth than in Gold. It is better than an asset because you can access it 24/7, 365 days of the year via our gold card system.

While all debit cards are linked to a bank account funded by local currencies, this premier card is linked to a gold account. The AUX Gold gives holders 24/7 access to their gold stored securely in a vault which can be loaded onto your card and then converted into local currency at an ATM, or to purchase goods and services wherever a MasterCard or Maestro is accepted.

The AUX account is maintained externally from the issuing bank by a regulated entity outside the banking system. The banks that issue the cards do not have any leverage or access to the gold which is stored physically in a vault. Banks typically leverage customer deposits and lend to other customers.
The card holder is able to move the required funds from their gold reserve to their card via a secure online account system accessible from computers, mobile phones and tablets.

The Gold Account holder may also sell their gold at any time and transfer the proceeds to any bank account or onto other VISA or MC debit or credit cards. They may initiate P2P transactions to another AUX account holder in gold or any other currency or wire funds to bank accounts.


To issue a gift to family, friends or clients you must be a AUX card holder.

It is a great way to show a gesture of good faith to friends,family or clients. This gift is multi-functional which is extremely unique.
While the gift is a very prized possession of the recipient it also empowers the recipient to spend it on what ever he or she likes or takes a fancy to.
It also is a great way to be a store of wealth, it can be safely stored away in a vault with total ownership on it and hopefully the value stored will increase over time.

The card holder sends the recipient an email via the AUX™ portal which has half a virtual MasterCard number. AUX sends the recipient another email with the second half of the MasterCard number and an SMS message with the cvc code. The recipient now has gold stored in an independent vault which they can keep or use the virtual MasterCard to buy something.

AUX Multi Currency wallet (AUX WALLET)

Account holders may buy and sell gold and multiple currencies at a margin over inter-bank rate. They may transfer gold and currency other account holders within the AUX system or to external bank accounts worldwide.

No. The card is just an extension of the AUX Wallet.

AUX communities may pay-in funds to AUX’s appointed government regulated custodians who hold the funds in trust in segregated client bank accounts.