AUX System

Gold previously came with a constraint: it couldn’t be used as money as it needed to be locked up safely.
AUX has initiated a paradigm shift in gold investment and utilization. AUX provides the ability to invest in physical Gold Bullion and access its value when needed 24/7 in any designated location worldwide via an AUX Gold Card
AUX is simply a place where people and corporations exchange value.
AUX is a highly secure system that allows the user to deposit funds, execute trades, withdraw funds with multiple options, with a personalized gold-backed scheme card.

“Gold is money. Everything else is credit”. JP Morgan 1912.

The core of the AUX system is a sophisticated transaction engine that facilitates the buying and selling of gold and other major currencies by accessing the world wide interbank liquidity pools.

The customer interface operates on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It features the ability to instantly buy and sell gold and other currencies and initiate value transfers within the AUX network and into the global banking system.

The customer begins his experience with a straightforward registration process that establishes who they are and where they live. An automated KYC process verifies the information against government maintained databases to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.
If the automatic process fails then it is referred to a customer services representative to manually request and verify documents. If the automatic process is passed then an AUX Gold account is automatically created for them. Once the customer has completed his KYC, the customer is then asked to purchase a minimum of US$1000 worth of Gold Bullion fees inclusive.

Clients can deposit funds from their designated bank account via wire transfers. This goes into an FCA regulated custodian (PCFT) segregated client account where it is held in safe custody. These funds are allocated to their multi-currency account inside the AUX system. Our client’s Gold is stored in independent vaults outside of the Global banking system.

After the initial mandatory purchase of US$1000 or more worth of gold, the gold purchased after can be as little as one gram. The gold is in the care of a regulated custodian who performs a daily audit and reviews the reconciliation between the AUX account system, Banks and Vault.

The initial gold purchase may be as little as one gram. All the gold purchased on behalf of AUX customers is London Bullion Market Association standard where the minimum acceptable fineness is 995.0 parts per thousand of fine gold. They can get instant cash access to their Gold holdings twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they are in the world.

The AUX gold bullion prepaid Card allows you to use its purchasing power to buy whatever you desire, just as you would with any other card. You can acquire everything from a coffee to a car anywhere an AUX card is accepted. It also allows you to withdraw cash from an ATM in local currency at a preferential exchange rate wherever you are in the world

The AUX Gold card is widely accepted with over 2.3 million ATMs and millions of retail point of Sale machines worldwide.