Who We Are

AUX is the trading name of the Singaporean registered company AUX Technology PTE Ltd (AUX). AUX was incorporated in Singapore as a holding company for the worldwide network of subsidiaries supporting and distributing its products.

AUX operates through UK Financial Conduct Authority authorised and regulated, Power Capital Financial Trading (UK) Ltd (www.pcft.co.uk) who act as custodian for client monies and precious metals. We have an agreement with a European MasterCard™ card programme manager that works with issuing banks and processors giving full access to the MasterCard™ global transaction network.

The AUX Gold Card , The AUX digital Gift Card, The AUX Gold Multi-Currency Account and the AUX Global payroll Card are all trading names of AUX Technologies Pte Ltd.

Whilst AUX is a new entrant in the global marketplace, the principals are highly experienced and well known market professionals. We have combined technical and regulatory experience into a proven forex trading platform to uniquely include gold trading as currency.

By leveraging our experience and relationships throughout the world. AUX is able to deliver a product and service offering that accesses the global currency and precious metals markets independently of the traditional banking system.

Our company is built upon solid foundations, has a strong balance sheet and financial backing and is fully regulated. We segregate all client monies from our own.